We've got a good amount of room to spread out, setup custom theater facia backdrops, and stage different scenes quickly.  Photo courtest of Mike Connell

Welcome to the website for ATX Photo Studio. This website is a hub for introductory information relating to a workshop space intended for the creative photographer/videographer. The studio is a rentable location for creatives who are looking for a no-nonsense site where their creativity is at the core goal of the studio founders. The core mission is to enable creative professionals, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and dabblers by giving them a studio space that is affordable and creative. Here you will find there are a multitude of options for capturing great works that start with you. The studio is a space that enables that vision. 

Comprised from the ideas of a variety of seasoned creative professionals, ATX Photo Studio has come together with guidance from Theater/Set specialists, Directors, Producers, Photographers, Models, Designers, Creative Directors and more. One thing rang true when listening to everyone, "make it convenient to make something great". Many creatives explained they wanted options in a space, support in both technical and execution, and lastly to be affordable.

So exactly that has been provided. With three backdrop areas, textured theater facia built for scene creation, and enough lights to cover every angle possible, you can walk in and move from seamless paper, to fake room corner, to patterned muslin without missing a beat. There are high ceilings and also a 10' garage roll up door with single story access that means if you want to bring in a couch, motorbike, or rocking horse, you can wheel it right in for your shoot.

Sound good? I hope so. This was all created in an effort to enable you to be as creative as you can at a price you can afford. Check out our About page for more detailed info.