It's simple! A low cost, affordable, studio space located in Austin, Texas.

$200 a day

lockout from 8am - 11pm
(equals $13 per hour)

$20 per hour

minimum 3 hour booking

“Mark Heaps is a first-class owner and he runs a great, photog-friendly studio. Can't recommend this place enough.”

— Steven Mackie Photography



  • 1000sq ft
  • 14 ft tall ceilings
  • Two 10 ft garage roll up doors
  • Over a dozen strobe lights with transmitters available
  • Video continuous lights available
  • More than 20 background options
  • 22 ft wide x 10 ft tall backdrops (greenscreen, white, black, and gray)
  • Rolling 32" tether monitor (bring your own laptop)
  • Various furniture props available (chairs, futon, tables, and more)
  • WiFi  and Stereo system included
  • Natural Light available with garage doors rolled up
Using our rolling tether monitor for review (photographer provides laptop)

Using our rolling tether monitor for review (photographer provides laptop)

Our Beginning

Back in 2013 Mark Heaps was teaching photography and digital imaging workshops in Austin. As he saw the scale of the photographer community in Austin he began to wonder why he saw very few of them using a studio? It all came down to the same reasons. Cost, confusion, and complexity. Creators felt like it was too hard, and too expensive. In 2015 he began his mission to provide the community an affordable studio space with all equipment, backdrops, props, and more. After nearly 3 years, in 2018 he moved the studio into a new space that is light and open. 

In that time, we've watched hundreds of creatives grow in their craft. Whether they are students in a local high school, or enthusiasts looking to develop into artists or business owners.

We are proud to serve them all.

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ask about membership options or large blocks